Improving Health Through Balance since 2001

Abby Miller, L.Ac, Dipl. CH

Phone 515-277-9998


Abby Miller, L.Ac.

Board Certified by Iowa Board of Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist

Diplomate Chinese Herbs

Japanese Acupuncture Certified

Acupuncture Detox Specialist

Integrative Dry Needle Certified

Pulse Diagnosis Expert

convenient location to downtown

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday

We accept the following: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

Contact: 515-277-9998

531 40th Street Des Moines, Iowa  50312

We are seeking an Acupuncturist to join our team. Call for details.

Twitter: @AbbyAcupuncture

Facebook: Des Moines Acupuncture


We are by appointment only.


Acupuncture Expert

Restore Function and Wellness

Japanese Meridian Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practicing the following styles:

Integrative Dry Needling by Dr. Ma

Kototama Life Medicine

Classical Japanese Acupuncture

Dr. Tan Balance Method

Master Tung Ching-Chang Style

M-Test Method by Dr. Mukaino Yoshito

Functional Acupuncture

Our Clinic Specializes in the following health issues:

*Fertility - Female and Male

*Prevention of Athletic Injuries

*Allergies *Sinusitis

*Migraines - stress and hormonal

*Muscle pain *Back Pain

*Fatigue *PMS

*Digestive Disorders

*Chronic Pain Diseases

*Knee Pain/Osteoarthritis

*Shoulder Pain

*Auto Immune Conditions

*Tension Headaches



*Disorders of the eye

*Functional Acupuncture



Stephanie Braunwarth, Registered Yoga Teacher and Licensed Acupuncturist